Payment Types

All types of payments for all types of people.

Whether you're a cash-and-carry kind of person or someone who prefers plastic, TouchPay gives you more ways to post money to an account than ever before. Convenience. Accessibility. Real-Time. That's TouchPay.

Cash - US Dollar bills accepted at physical location of kiosk.

Check - Electronic Check and Check by Phone. (Customer must know their 9-digit routing number and bank account number to use this method.) Available methods of payment via the IVR and Web. (The kiosk does not accept check transactions.)

Credit Card - Credit card transactions are accepted from all four convenient payment sources (kiosk, terminal, IVR and Web). Visa and MasterCard are the only major credit cards accepted at this time.

Check/Debit Cards - Check/debit cards with the VISA or MasterCard logo are accepted at the kiosk, as well as the IVR and Web portals.

We back up every transaction with a guarantee.

TouchPay offers an unprecedented guarantee benefit of a risk-free solution for funding payments for our correctional facility customers and partner service providers (commissary and inmate telephone) to facilitate the convenient, immediate use of funds and provide better service for our customers. TouchPay can only accomplish this guarantee with a stringent control system and adherence to strict account oversight, which in turn will provide the means to recover fraudulent transactions and collect bad debt. Thus, TouchPay will require complete cooperation in our collection and recovery procedures and agreement to our recovery processes.

Feel free to Contact Us to obtain a complete copy of our of our Guaranteed Payment Policy