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We've provided our most frequently asked questions so you can quickly find answers to your questions. Should you need additional assistance, please contact the TouchPay Customer Service team at (866) 204-1603.


Q. What are your Customer Service business hours and contact information?
A. TouchPay's Customer Service team can be reached at (866) 204-1603, and they are available:
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Q. Why do you need all of my personal information to set up my account?
A. Your information is required in order to verify your identity. By doing so, the probability of fraud is reduced.

Q. Is there a fee to set up an account?
A. No. There is no fee to set up an account.

Q. How can I get my account password if I've forgotten it?
A. There is a Forgot your password link on the login page. Select this link, complete the requested information and your password will be emailed to you.

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Q: How can I make a deposit to an inmate's account?
A: You can make a deposit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year with TouchPay:

Q: How can I find out where a kiosk is located?
A: Please contact TouchPay Customer Service at (866) 204-1603 for more information.

Q. If my credit card is declined, is there another way to make a deposit?
A. You have the option to make a deposit by depositing cash directly at the TouchPay kiosk located inside the facility (based on availability at facility).

Q. How can I make a deposit if I do not have a social security number?
A. You can make your deposit by depositing cash at a kiosk inside the facility (if available at the facility).

Q. What are my alternatives to make a deposit if my account has been suspended due to declined or too many credit card transactions?
A. You can make a transaction using cash at the TouchPay kiosk located inside the facility (based on availability at facility).

Q. How long does it take for the inmate to receive deposited funds?
A. Typically, deposits can post to an inmate's account in 1 - 24 hours, depending on the facility.

Q. Can TouchPay provide me with the inmate's account balance?
A. No. TouchPay does not maintain inmate account balances.

Q: Can I make deposits to more than one inmate?
A: Yes. You can make deposits to multiple inmates.

Q. Is there a fee to make a deposit?
A. Yes. There is a convenience fee to use TouchPay's services. The amount of the fee will be made available to you before you complete your transaction, and it will also be included on your receipt.

Q. What is the minimum/maximum amount you can deposit?
A. Minimum and maximum deposit amounts vary per facility and deposit method. Please contact TouchPay's Customer Service team for specifics at (866) 204-1603.

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Q: Can I get a refund on a deposit?
A: Each deposit is made based on your request and specifications. Once a deposit has been made successfully, TouchPay can no longer refund, reverse or change the transaction.

Q. If the inmate is released or transferred, can I get a refund on the funds that I deposited?
A. No. Upon an inmate's release, any available funds are released to the inmate. If an inmate is transferred, any available funds in their account will transfer to the new facility.

Q. If I make a deposit to the incorrect account, can it be reversed?
A. If the funds have been successfully sent to the facility, you will have to contact the facility to attempt to reverse them. Please verify all information before completing your deposit.

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Q. When I provide the inmate's ID number, it comes back as inmate not found. Why?
A. For Maricopa County users:
A. For all other facilities:

Q. Why has my account been temporarily suspended?
A. Your account could be suspended due to the following reasons:

Q. How long will it take for a trouble ticket to be resolved?
A. TouchPay's IT department has up to 24 hours to close the trouble ticket.

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Q. Why hasn't my phone account been funded when I made a deposit for GTL (Global Tel Link)?
A. Please contact TouchPay's Customer Service team at (866) 204-1603 for assistance.

Q. How can I make an online deposit to my telephone account when the facility I need is not listed on
TouchPay's website?

A. There is no need to select a facility or input any of the inmate information when depositing funds to your telephone account. You only need the telephone number that you'd like to receive calls on. Please note: You MUST have an existing account with GTL before you can make a deposit through the TouchPay website. Once a telephone deposit has been made, your account is activated and ready to receive calls from the correctional facility. You'll be able to receive calls from any facility that has GTL as their telephone service provider. You'll need to contact GTL directly at (877) 650-4249, or online at to verify a list of facilities they service, or with further questions regarding telephone service.

Q. Why can't I receive collect calls on my phone?
A. You'll need to contact GTL directly at (877) 650-4249 as they are the actual phone service provider.

Q. What are the charges for phone calls to and from inmates?
A. You'll need to contact the phone service provider, GTL, directly at (877) 650-4249 with any questions regarding telephone services, account balances, call records, fee schedules and refunds.

Please note: Tulsa County GTL phone number is (800) 489-4500.

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